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​The ultimate Guide to a 100% PMBoK Guide aligned Project ​Charter

By Markus

March 24, 2020

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"What is a project charter really? Why do you need one? When do you need one? What should all be included? ... 

Such and other questions about the project charter may spinning around in your mind. Espacially if you have to do it for the first time or for a complete new type of project.

With this article and our "MP4PM Project Charter Map Package" we will throw some light on all of that and hopefully also of the benefits of having a project charter. Finally we have outlined a checklist for you with all the steps need to be done for creating a project charter (which works great in companion with our "MP4PM Project Charter Template and Toolkit Package").

What is a project charter and why do you need one?

The project charter authorizes the project and enables the project manager to assign resources to the project work. It’s all about power. The project manager is officially identified in the ​charter, though the project manager should be selected as early as possible during the project.

The project charter also demonstrates the organization’s commitment to the project and the investment in the endeavor. According to PMI, it is not the project manager, who creates and issue's the ​charter. In an ideal project world the ​charter comes from outside of the project.

​The project manager may help develop the project charter, but it’s not signed or issued by the project manager; the ​charter needs the authority of a higher instance in the organization who has the power to provide the ​​resources the project will require. 

But the project manager is accountable for the project charter getting issued. ​Therefore the project manager cooperates with any of the following, who should issue the project charter:

  • Sponsor
  • Project management office
  • Portfolio governing body, such as a steering committee
  • Program organization
  • Portfolio organization
  • any authorized organizational representative

​The project manager or business analyst may create a business case that defines why a project needs to be chartered. It can be because of opportunities, problems that need to be solved, business requirements, and lots of other reasons.

A business case determines whether the investment in the project is worth making. The business case will define the project purpose and characteristics, such as the following: 

  • ​Market demand
  • ​Business need
  • ​Customer request
  • ​Technological advance
  • ​Legal requirements
  • ​Ecological impacts
  • Social need

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You may download our FREE Project Charter Map Package to try MP4PM out(click on
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Creating the Project Charter

The point of the project charter - besides authorizing the project and the project manager - is, to launch the project officially and to enable the project manager to start with planning the project work and get it done.

The ​charter gives the project a definite start and maps out the high-level objectives for the project. The ​charter needs to communicate all of the following directly or through references to other documents: 

  • ​​Project purpose
  • ​Project requirements for satisfaction
  • ​High-level project description
  • ​High-level requirements
  • ​High-level risks
  • ​Milestone schedule
  • ​​Summary budget
  • Stakeholder list
  • Project approval requirements
  • Exit criteria
  • Project manager
  • Project sponsor

To develop the project charter, the project manager will most likely rely on expert judgment. Expert judgment, ​simply means the project manager is relying on someone with more knowledge and wisdom to help make the best decisions for the project. For the ​charter, expert judgment can be from people with insight into the organization’s strategy, benefits management techniques, technical knowledge, estimating skills for schedule and costs​ and risk management.

The project charter will also need data to communicate the goals of the project. Data-gathering techniques for creating the ​charter include the following:

  • ​Brainstorming
  • Focus groups
  • ​Interviews

During this early process, the project manager will need to implement meeting management skills to keep people on track and keep the ​charter creation process moving forward. 

The project manager may also need some conflict management skills to manage disagreement among stakeholders. Finally, the project manager may be serving as a facilitator when meeting with large groups of project stakeholders.

The Complete Guide for developing a Project Charter contains the following sections: 

H​ere is the overview to our "Project Manage​ment Plan Template" Outline:

Project Charter Outline

Try out with the FREE Project Charter Map Package!

You may download our FREE Project Charter Map Package to try MP4PM out(click on
the Image on the right or on the Button
below to go to download page): 

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Project Charter Ultimate Guide

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Try out with the FREE Project Charter Map Package!

You may download our FREE Project Charter Map Package to try MP4PM out(click on
the Image on the right or on the Button
below to go to download page): 

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