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​What is MP4PM about?    |     What can I expect?    |    Why should I join the waiting list?

Framework Overview

​What is MP4PM about?

"MP4PM" stands for "MindmapPing for Project Management" - It is a mind mapping based framework which will cover all ​​relevant project management principles and processes defined in the "Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK")!

MP4PM will provide a complete and professional set of tools and templates for each and any of those ​principles & processes. It will also provide a huge amount of in-depth information to all of those processes, so that it could be used as knowledge database in your ​practical project management related work. 

While MP4PM is based on the mind mapping concept, most of its tools and templates can also be used without a mind mapping tool or even mind mapping skills.

If you want to have a sneak preview of what we are talking about here, you may consider downloading our "MP4PM - Project Charter Package" (see at the bottom of the page)  ​or watch that short introduction video donw below:

What can I expect from MP4PM membership?

  • covers all ​PMBoK ​principles & processes
  • provides a central map which works - and can be customized -  as your individual project management plan
  • provides a project dashboard which consolidates all relevant information
  • completely customizable and flexible
  • tools, templates, checklists, worksheets and more ​for each of the processes
  • explanation Videos ​for all of the processes, tools and templates
  • interactive Community of like-minded people
  • ​Quizzes
  • professionals who are mentoring and guiding
  • and much more ...

​This 3-minute introductory video will give you an idea of what you can expect from your MP4PM.club membership:

Sign up now and get ​an ​noted as soon as we open the doors! ​

​​​​​​​​​You want a taste of it? No Problem! Get ​the "MP4PM Project Charter Package" for FREE here:

Project Charter Collage_2

Stop ​Thinking about How and Where to Start with ​Your Project Charter!

Use ​this FREE Toolkit to build an impressive and fully PMBoK ​aligned Project Charter rapidly. By using the included MP4PM-MindMap to collect all the relevant information in a rush and by following the branches Step-by-Step you will never miss a single detail.  

​Transfer the collected information out of the guided MP4PM-MindMap into the also included MS Word-Template and you get your "ready-to-present" Project Charter in a rush!

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