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Closing Process Group and Close Project or Phase are released!

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    Hello Community,

    We have now finished the work on the process “Close Project or Phase” and released the corresponding pages and downloads.

    You can find the content via the usual menu structure or here directly at the end of the posting.

    We would be pleased if you use the content intensively and send us your experiences and feedback via the different channels (like the comments, here in the forum, by mail, …) so that we can make the content even better with your help.

    Now we have finished the Initiating Process Group and the Closing Process Group. Also, we have already provided you with the planning processes from all Knowledge Areas and the most fundamental processes you need to start a new project.

    From now on, we are working intensively on the provision of all further processes, whereby we will initially focus on the additional planning processes.

    As some of you may already know, you also can control which deliverables we are allowed to work on next! Use this with pleasure!

    Regardless of this, our preference shortly will be to complete the processes 1. complete requirements, then 2. define the scope and finally 3. create WBS.

    The creation of a WBS is essential for the success of a project, both from PMI and from our own deepest conviction, because the WBS is a central project instrument, which will be very valuable for you in many areas of project management.

    And besides providing these processes in the usual form (Guidance Article, Process- and Deliverable Maps, Templates, additional tools, …), there will also be the first MP4PM Online Course on WBS, which will not only introduce you to WBS in theory but will also teach you how to create and work with WBS effectively. And you will see that MindMapping and a MindMapping Tool are predestined for this application.

    So you see, we still have a lot to do and you can expect a lot from us in the near – but also in the distant future.

    We are looking forward to your reactions and your support!

    Thank you for being an MP4PM member.

    See you soon,


    PS: Stay tuned for the upcoming Newsletter with even more exciting news. 😉

    Click HERE to go directly to the “Closing Process Group” Article and Downloads>>>

    Click HERE to go directly to the “Close Project or Phase” Process Site and Downloads>>>

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Are you familiar with the "project economy"?No?Well, you should, because as someone


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Hello Community, like I wrote in my Article "Mind Mapping for Project Management


Closing out the Project The project management plan defines what the project


Closing out the Project The project management plan defines what the project


Closing out the ProjectThe project management plan defines what the project or

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