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Current Status of MP4PM and what is ahead!

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    Hello Founding Members,

    I hope you already had some fun with MP4PM and maybe you already could get some benefits?

    The last weeks (in principle since the Founding Member Launch) it was a bit quiet here, especially from my side.

    I thank you for staying  and promise that it will be a little bit more alive now.

    As a Founding Member, I would like to inform you first of all about some news and announcements, even if one or the other is still work in progress and will undoubtedly need some time until the release.

    Maybe some of you have already noticed it; recently the new version of Mind Manager has been released. And with the 2020 release comes some great new features that are especially valuable for MP4PM.
    For example, it will be possible to do so-called co-editing sessions with you and even WITHOUT you needing your own mind manager! Cool, isn’t it?

    More about the other new features and the planned co-editing sessions will soon be available in a blog post.

    Another innovation here on MP4PM will be the introduction of so-called “Roadmaps” (working title). Behind this are to some extent “guided” tours through specific content.
    So there will be a “superordinate” roadmap for the MP4PM framework, but also specific roadmaps to contents like Scope Management, Cost Management and so on.

    It will then become even more concrete in the MP4PM courses, which we will also offer. One of the first courses (on which we are already working) will be for example the topic “Creating and applying an effective WBS”.
    As you can see, the courses will focus on specific topics related to project management.
    “But what is the difference between the MP4PM courses and the masses of already existing courses?” Some people will probably ask themselves now and rightly so.
    However, our courses will not only impart theoretical knowledge but will also directly reveal and clarify the practical application. And that is supported by MP4PM templates and tools, as well as many practical application examples. And the whole thing will also be fun … 😉

    So far, first the innovations of the somewhat nearer future.
    Besides all these topics, we will, of course, continue to work on our core content. Here the “Project Closing” is currently in progress, and afterward, we will work on the planning processes in Scope Management.

    And we will also provide bonus content like the additional slide packages, which you can find in the download area.

    That was a lot of information at once, thanks for reading. The upcoming postings will be shorter (and more frequent).

    I’m very happy to develop MP4PM with you as Founding Members and hope that we’ll get many more Members soon.

    For any feedback – whether about what you already know or about the announcements – I’m very happy.

    See you soon,



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