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Questions about the Member Experience

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    Hello Founding Members,

    after navigating around a bit and using the site for a while could you please try to answer the following questions; that would be a BIG help in developing MP4PM further and make it better. Thanks a ton in advance!

    • Are you taken to the right page after login?
    • Is it obvious and intuitive what everything is?
    • Is it clear what you should do first?
    • Do you have access to all the right pages?
    • How can you change your password and account details?
    • What options do you have for controlling your membership – is it clear how to cancel, change billing, etc.?
    • Are the content pages easily accessible and easy to consume?
    • Is it clear how to access the community?
    • Are there any areas of ambiguity or anything that isn’t as user-friendly as it could be?
    • Do you receive any emails related to your membership?
    • Do you have any further feedback or suggestions?

    Thanks again for taking the time to answer all or some of the above questions.

    Highly appreciated!



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      Oh, it looks like you do not have access to that content yet!

      If you are not a member of the "M4PM" community yet, you should definately check it out here! - You will gain access to that content here and so much more, like complete "MP4PM" Packages containing MindMaps, Templates, Checklists and Workbooks to each and any project management process; Videos; Quizzes; discussion boards; topic specific user groups and so much more ...

      If you are a project management practitioner, a professional or a beginner, an already PMP/PMI certified or an aspirant, no matter what ... that is the place to go for you and your career development! -  Join us now!


      If you are already a member of the "M4PM" community it seems that you are not logged in. To gain access just put your login information below or click HERE to login. If you still can't login let us know HERE and we will take care of it right away.

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Are you familiar with the "project economy"?No?Well, you should, because as someone


A business case justifies the economic benefits of a project or investment


Hello Community, like I wrote in my Article "Mind Mapping for Project Management


Closing out the Project The project management plan defines what the project


Closing out the Project The project management plan defines what the project


Closing out the ProjectThe project management plan defines what the project or

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