Roadmap to the "Plan Scope Management" Process

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Roadmap to the "Plan Scope Management" Process

Roadmap to the "Plan Scope Management" Process


The Scope Management Plan

Management plans document the strategy and approach for managing the project and project processes in terms of scope, timing, cost, quality, resources, communication, and risk, as well as Procurement and stakeholder management. This means that each knowledge area has its management plan that documents the strategy and approach for project management in that specific project. These plans are essentially a set of documents with processes, procedures, practices, and standards that the project team will follow to ensure consistent results. When creating a management plan, ask yourself always this question:

Creating the Scope Management Plan and the Requirements Management Plan

To develop the project plan effectively, the project manager and the participants must agree on the project goals. To achieve this agreement, the project manager works with stakeholders to achieve a balance between expectations and objectives. Project managers must be able to ...

Putting it all together

Projects are unique. The PMBoK Guide give us a general guidance which topics should be documented in a professional created Scope and Requirements Management Plan, but some may require additional information and for other projects you might not need all of the elements. That means you will need to tailor the process and also the template/map scheme fitting your organizational and projects needs. That concept of tailoring and customizing the processes and the templates/documentation will follow us through all of the PMBoK Guide processes and performance areas!

How to create a customized Project Management Plan - Step by Step Guide


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