Hi there. I'm Markus ... And Welcome To...

MP4PM - Method Power for Project Management 

"Have you ever asked yourself how to bring PMIs PMBoK Guide alive and make it applicable in your daily work? I will show you a way how you can do that!"

Whether your goal is to
develop your career plan in project management

(for example, by obtaining a PMI certification), or whether you are looking for
methods, tools, or practices to visualize

the PMBoK Guide and put project management processes into practice
... in both cases, you are in the right place >>>

My mission is to help you either achieving the PM certification & role of your choice
and/or design and build your project management framework/toolkit.

That way I want to help you becoming the "adaptive project management professional" that you want to be!

Therefore I do Offer two sources of knowledge. On the one hand the PM.PLUS Blog articles and on the other hand via the "MP4PM" - Membership platform 

Here are some Highlights you can find on MP4PM:

  • “MP4PM” – MindmaPping for Project Management” : a visual framework 100% aligned to PMBoK Guide
  • 100% PMBoK Guide aligned project management templates for all the 49 pm processes
  • explanation videos and courses to all pm processes
  • Worksheets, Checklists, Quizzes and more to all pm processes
  • a moderated community of pm professionals, aspirants and all people who are related to pm in their daily work
  • and much more ... 

Who’s Markus (The short Version)?

Welcome to "MP4PM":

My name is Markus, and I am the founder and creator of “MP4PM – Method Power for Project Management”.

I’m a PMP certified full-time senior project manager & trainer making a living from doing what I love to practice.
Project Management is not just a job for me; it is my passion.

And I do also love to coach and train others, share my knowledge, and hopefully, this way helping others. 

I have decided to blog about PM and its related  certifications (you can find this blog under www.projectmanagement.plus ).

I am also convinced about the benefits of “project management visulaization” by utilizing various models, methods & Artifacts.

That was the reason for me to create “MP4PM” and to build this membership site.

One of my central objectives and motivations is helping others to develop, implement and deploy the project management framework of their choice.

My Knowledge and Expertise

I do have more than 20 years of project management and leadership experience.

My primary focus for the last 19to help years has been Project and Program Management, and PMO. The skills I have developed as a Project Manager and PMO specialist in the IT service and outsourcing business has lead to a passion for the PMI’s project management philosophy. I earned my PMP credentials in August 2015, and I am an enthusiastic PMP and PMI promoter.

Social Media Thought Leader

I have set up a few PMI certification related LinkedIn groups and i am administrator of the biggest and most active PMP related LinkedIn group in the world‘I want to be a PMP’.

I am also one of the most viewed contributors in PMP and PMI related content/questions at Quora. The PMP related Facebook Group has already more than 7000 members (and continuously growing) and of course pm.plus has its own Facebook representation.

What Now?

Below, you have a few choices on where you'd like to go next. 

If you'd like to learn more about our "MP4PM" membership site and what it does offer to you, clicl on hte blue button. If you'd like to learn more about the PM certification options and PM in general, please click the orange button >>>