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​What is MP4PM about?    |     What can I expect?    |    Why should I join the waiting list?

​What is MP4PM about?

"MP4PM" stands for "MindmapPing for Project Management" - It is a mind mapping based framework which will cover all ​​project management processes defined in the PMBoK Guide!

MP4PM will provide a complete and professional set of tools and templates for each and any of those ​processes. It will also provide a huge amount of in-depth information to all of those processes so that it could be used as knowledge database in your daily project management related work. 

While MP4PM is based on the mind mapping concept most of its tools and templates can also be used without a mind mapping tool or even mind mapping skills.

If you want to have a sneak preview of what we are talking about here, you may consider downloading our "MP4PM - Project Charter Package". ​

What can I expect from MP4PM membership?

  • covers all ​PMBoK Guide processes
  • provides a central map which works and can be customized as your individual project management plan
  • provides a project dashboard which consolidates all relevant information
  • completely customizable and flexible
  • tools, templates, checklists, worksheets and more to each of the processes
  • explanation Videos to all of the processes, tools and templates
  • interactive Community of like-minded people
  • ​Quizzes
  • professionals who are mentoring and guiding
  • and much more ...

Why should I join the waiting list?

​Well, if you sign up to the waiting list, you can be sure to get all the information about the development of MP4PM, its status and - most important - when we open the doors at first

​And that will be your advantage, cause we will open the doors for a small group of beta users first. Those beta users will get free entrance for a limited time and the option ​for prolongation then at a special discounted rate which will stay valid for a lifetime!

Sign up now and get instant information as soon as we kick this off!

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Stop ​Thinking about How and Where to Start with ​Your Project Charter!

Use my FREE Toolkit to build an impressive and fully PMBoK Guide aligned Project Charter rapidly. By using the included MP4PM-MindMap to collect all the relevant information in a rush and by following the branches Step-by-Step you will never miss a single detail.  

​Transfer the collected information out of the guided MP4PM-MindMap into the also included MS Word-Template and you get your "ready-to-present" Project Charter in a rush!

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Sign up now and get instant information as soon as we kick this off!