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​The Ultimate Guide to creating a 100% PMBoK Guide aligned Schedule Management Plan

By Markus

September 1, 2020

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Exploring Project Schedule Management 

Project schedule management implies more of personal management of the expenditure of your time, and you cannot manage and manipulate your time in the way you would a Schedule. 

Schedule management in project management is about completing work from the project scope within a predicted time frame. Many things influence the project's schedule and duration, and it is the role of the project leader (or - often in large projects - the role of a specialist planner), predicting how long the project should take, depending on the size of the project. 

To master project schedlue management, you must be familiar with the following six processes:

■ Create the schedule management plan
■ Define the activities
■ Sequence the activities
■ Estimate the duration of the activities
■ Develop the schedule
■ Control the schedule

These six processes are very logical: 

Plan how you will manage the schedule
=> define the work to be planned
=> set the order of activities
=> do the prediction of the duration
=> the massage of the schedule
=> and control the schedule.

The schedule management process includes documentation of how you will plan, manage, and control the project to the schedule baseline and manage schedule variances.

You may try out the online Version of the map by clicking on the Image below:

MP4PM Schedule Mgmt Plan

Many project managers work on the project and hope that the project will meet the deadline, but you need to develop and follow a plan and measure progress along the way for proper schedule management and to be successful.

So, as part of the planning, you need to determine in advance what performance benchmarks will apply, how and when you will collect the data you need to assess schedule performance, how you will use the data to keep the project on track, and what you will do if any deviations occur.

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You may download our FREE Project Charter Map Package to try MP4PM out(click on
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The Complete Guide about HOW TO creating a"Schedule Management Plancontains the following sections: 

As a starting point for the creation of your own customized template you will receive - beside all the maps - ready-to-use MS Office Templates with Examples and a lot of helpful information. 

Here is the overview of my Template Outline that will come with the Package Download:

Schedule Mgmt Plan Template Outline

Schedule Management Plan Outline

Try out with the FREE Project Charter Map Package!

You may download our FREE Project Charter Map Package to try MP4PM out(click on
the Image on the right or on the Button
below to go to download page): 

To access the complete "Schedule Management Plan" guide including the "MP4PM - Plan Schedule Management Tools & Templates Package" and a ton of additional content click on the following Picture (or HERE): 

Schedule Mgmt-Plan-1200x800

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I have been a PMI member and PMP certified since 2015. In early 2021, I was accredited as a PMP trainer by PMI and currently work as a Principal Senior Project Management Consultant in digital transformation.
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