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By Markus

December 28, 2022


As the economic situation seems to grow more uncertain by the day and the number of layoffs continues to rise, I'm sure many of you are thinking about brushing up or expanding your skills, right?Are you at the beginning of your career? Then you may be asking yourself,

"What should I focus on? What skills will be most in demand in the coming years?"

Or do you want to acquire new skills? To secure and increase your market value? Perhaps you are looking to change your career? A recent, highly detailed report from the Burning Glass Institute breaks down the growing and spreading skills. It analyzed 228 million job postings since 2015 and examined 30,000 skills in 444 clusters. The result?

The following four skills are the ones transforming the job market and currently offering the most incredible opportunities for workers:

  1. artificial intelligence and machine learning (A.I./ML)
  2. cloud computing
  3. product management
  4. social media

McKinsey just released their 

"The state of A.I. in 2022"

report and took a closer look at the A.I. talent tales:

New hot roles, continued diversity woes

Our first detailed look at the AI talent picture signals the maturation of AI, surfaces the most common strategies organizations employ for talent sourcing and upskilling, and shines a light on AI’s diversity problem—while showing yet again a link between diversity and success.

Hiring is a challenge, but less so for high performers

All organizations report that hiring AI talent, particularly data scientists, remains difficult. AI high performers report slightly less difficulty and are hired in some roles, like machine learning engineers, more often than in other organizations.

Reskilling and upskilling are common alternatives to hiring

When it comes to sourcing AI talent, the most popular strategy among all respondents is reskilling existing employees. Nearly half are doing so. Recruiting from top-tier universities as well as from technology companies that aren’t in the top tier, such as regional leaders, are also common strategies. But a look at the strategies of high performers suggests organizations might be best served by tapping as many recruiting channels as possible. These companies are doing more than others to recruit AI-related talent from various sources. The findings show that while they’re more likely to recruit from top-tier technical universities and tech companies, they’re also more likely to source talent from other universities, training academies, and diversity-focused programs or professional organizations.

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AI/ML jobs are the most in-demand in the market.

Recruiters are on the lookout for skilled professionals in this field. Do you have what it takes to launch a stellar career in AI/ML?

The global recession is being predicted by economists as well as by organizations like Morgan Stanley, CNN, and many more and only 10% of the AI workforce in the world is skilled.

STAY RELEVANT for your organization by adopting the right credentials and skills.

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs 2020 says, around 90% of the AI workforce is not skilled to take up new AI projects. The irony is, that around 97 million jobs in AI will be generated by 2025, however, due to a shortage of skills, many jobs will go vacant.

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