Use the “CIO Priorities 2023” Template for your Promotions

  • Use the “CIO Priorities 2023” Template for your Promotions

    Posted by Markus Kopko on April 21, 2023 at 3:13 pm


    you may use the fowolling text for your Promotions; go here

    copy the URL and make a custom link from it to attach your affilaite ID; then put this link (maybe masked via or similar services) in and your are ready to go:


    Evaluate your Strategy: ✪ IT/CIO Priorities 2023 – the 49pg. Report ✪ [ Download ]

    <<< put YOUR link here >>>

    Engage cross-functional leadership to seize opportunities while protecting the organization from volatility.

    CIOs are facing these challenges in 2023

    • Trying to understand the implications of external trends.

    • Determining what capabilities are most important to support the organization.

    • Understanding how to help the organization pursue new opportunities.

    • Preparing to mitigate new sources of organizational risk.

    The Five CIO Priorities for 2023

    1. Adjust IT operations to manage inflation

      • Business Value

      • Vendor Management

      • Cost and Budget Management

    1. Prepare your data pipeline to train AI

      • Business Intelligence and Reporting

      • Data Quality

      • Data Architecture

    1. Go all in on zero-trust security

      • Asset Management

      • Stakeholder Relations

      • External Compliance

    1. Engage employees in the digital age

      • Leadership, Culture, and Values

      • Organizational Change Management

      • Enterprise Architecture

    1. Shape the IT organization to improve customer experience

      • Enterprise Application Selection & Implementation

      • Performance Measurement

      • IT Organizational Design

    Download the 49pg. full Report now: ☛ <<< put YOUR link here >>>


    This is just a suggestion, please feel free to modify/enhance the text as you may think it should work.

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