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Why you need to become a PMP NOW (before the Change!)

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    Hello Guys,

    I had shortly released an article about the upcoming 5 Major Changes coming with the new P.M.P. Exam.

    As you may know, PMI will change the P.M.P. Exam from the current format from July, the first on to the new form, which will be aligned to the P.M.P. Content Outline, which has been released last summer. For more details about that changes please refer to the article here:

    The upcoming 5 MAJOR PMP® Changes – and what you should do!

    ☛   http://bit.ly/2qSjhun

    But besides that Changes, there is on more thing to consider, and that is not published right now … the cost for becoming a P.M.P.

    All the experts I have spoken too yet – and that has been P.M.P. trainers; R.E.P.s and other people closely related to PMI – expect a significant increase in the cost associated with becoming a P.M.P.!

    Here is an article about the budget you need today.

    ✪ The Complete Guide To “P.M.P. Certification Costs and Budgeting” ✪


    But that cost will increase, guaranteed!

    PMI hasn’t released any Info about that fact yet, cause they haven’t decided about the new fees and cost structure. But you need to have a look at the cost related to the Disciplined Agile courses … PMI has bought Disciplined Agile last year, and most people expect a price is aligning to that structure.

    Besides, PMI will change the fee structure to the R.E.P.s… in the future, all R.E.P.s have to pay a course fee per participant; that alone will let increase the course prices.

    As you can see, it will be beneficial to you if you can manage to become a P.M.P. before those changes apply.

    And it still can be done.


    Start NOW!





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