September 11


I have been featured at TasQue!

By Markus

September 11, 2019

​Hello Guys, 

a few weeks ago I had the oppurtunity to introduce MP4PM and myself to the well known platform at TaskQue. They have done a nice interview with me and I felt really honored to get that opportunity.

​Here is a short preview:


TaskQue: You own a website dedicated to PMP preparation guidance. Please share in detail vision behind it and how it’s helping the project management community?

Markus: Thanks for the question! Yes, this is a great passion of mine. To be exact, I have two websites/communities in the pipeline where one is not yet launched and is currently in the BETA phases.

Let me tell you about the first website. The website is – as you already said – dedicated to the topic PMP or PMI Certification preparation guidance. So not only the PMP certification but also the other PMI certifications.

The idea behind this site came about at the time when I wanted to prepare myself for the PMP exam.

At that time, just like almost all PMP aspirants at the beginning, stood in front of a sheer unmanageable mountain of information and options and was completely unsure as to how I should proceed and what the steps one should take since you don’t want to make a mistake! Especially since it costs a lot of money.

Information such as the very popular “5 Steps Guidance” articles are intended to help all PMP enthusiasts find their way around this preparatory jungle.

My new online project – – is something very special. MP4PM stands for “MindmapPing for ProjectManagement.” I started working on this because I have a huge interest in mind mapping techniques and its application in everyday project life.

For each of the PMBoK Guide processes, we provide detailed mind maps for the operative application as well as corresponding templates.

These are 100% PMBoK Guide aligned and is something that no one else offers, which makes it our USP. You can find examples from practice that can be used as a template or at least orientation.

At we also pursue the goal of building an exclusive community of like-minded professionals who support and promote each other like great guys as Rami Kaibni, who you just have interviewed earlier.

Therefore is set up as a membership model. Currently, we are still in the BETA phase and have plans for launching it in September. If you are interested, go to and register there for the Waiting List.


​to read the complete interview please follow THIS link: Goto the interview with TaskQue >>>

About the author

My name is Markus, and I am your Host at mp4pm club.

I have more than 20 years of experience in IT project- and program management. I have a proven track record in delivering projects in the Information Technology service provider environment.

I have been a PMI member and PMP certified since 2015. In early 2021, I was accredited as a PMP trainer by PMI and currently work as a Principal Senior Project Management Consultant in digital transformation.
Imparting knowledge around project management in all its facets has been a great passion for many years. I have already coached, mentored, or even trained countless colleagues.

I am a lifelong learner and call myself an "adaptive project professional."
This passion eventually led to the creation of

Thank you for being a part of it!

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