MP4PM featuring MindGenius: How To Set Productive Goals using Mind Maps?

Goal Setting

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like I wrote in my Article "Mind Mapping for Project Management - an overview" some time ago, defining and visualizing Goals is one of the main application areas of mind mapping in project management:

Clearly defining goals and prioritizing issues means getting input—and more importantly, buy-in—from the entire team. Mind Maps® give project teams a virtual whiteboard for brainstorming where every idea and concern can be surfaced and cataloged. Mind Maps® help teams think visually so they can quickly lay out deliverables and identify any gaps in the plan.

My friends over at Mind Genius released just a complete Article dedicated to this topic:  

Whether it’s getting fit, learning a new skill, setting KPIs or developing a business strategy — goal-setting is an integral part of our personal and professional lives. 

But how many times have you set goals and failed to achieve them?

It’s certainly not enough to jot down your goals on a piece of paper. What you need is a more organized approach and a realistic action plan. One of the most effective techniques you can turn to for goal-setting is mind maps.

This powerful visualization tool helps you organize your thoughts, make meaningful associations and continually track progress, enabling you to set (and achieve) productive goals.  ... 

Goal Setting
Goal Setting

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