What an Honor! The great Chuck Frey asked me about MP4PM!

MP4PM-blog Chuck Frey

Chuck Frey is well-known in the mind mapping world and he is the author of "The Mind Mapping Software Blog".

He has written numerous articles and reviews about mind mapping software, and is widely regarded as one of the leading experts on visual mapping and visual thinking.

Chuck has also authored two popular e-books focused on mind mapping software:

Short time ago, Chuck contacted me via LinkedIn and asked me, if I am willing to do an Intervie with him about MP4PM and what it is all about. Hell, of course I was willing to grap that opportunity ...

Here is a short excerpt of the interview:


Frey: What made you decide to create MP4PM?

MKopko: Well, the more experienced I became and the more knowledge about project management and mind mapping I could acquire, the more this idea matured in me that mind mapping could more or less be instrumentalized for all PM processes.

I started to develop mind maps for the respective processes and at the same time also suitable templates and – where possible – tools. The use of MindManager is very convenient for me here because its features are designed for use in the project management environment. Of course, there are also other good mind mapping tools and finally, the maps from MP4PM can be processed and applied with other tools.

I thought about the best way to let “like-minded” project managers participate in MP4PM. And although I know it’s a niche, I think there’s quite a large community out there that might be interested. This is also shown by the feedback I’ve received so far.

And since I’m not only interested in the maps and the tools and templates, but also in building up a community of such “like-minded” professionals, I finally decided on a membership model.

Frey: What tools and resources does MP4PM contain?

MKopko: Well, the main content will consist of pre-structured mind maps and matching templates for each of the relevant project management processes (according to the current PMBoK Guide of the PMI, these are 49 processes). In addition, we will supplement  ... "

For the complete interview please follow THIS link: Goto the Interview with Chuck Frey on his famous "The mind mapping software blog" >>>

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