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We have just released the newest content for download. 

This is a comprehensive BluePrint to develop and implement a standardized and formalized Project Management Process from Scratch for your Organization (or improve an existing one!). 

Does the following sound familiar to you?

  • Projects are run ad hoc with little to no standards.
  • Lack of proper scoping at the beginning of the project leads to constant rescoping, rescheduling, and budget overruns.
  • Project leads track progress in their way, which makes it difficult for leadership to understand the project process and identify what projects require assistance.
  • Absent documentation means project leads are left to reinvent the wheel whenever a new project is assigned.
  • Unable to pinpoint the ultimate decision maker, the project lead works unnecessarily to meet ever-changing expectations.

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  • Do not burden project managers with things they do not have time to do.
  • Determine what a sustainable process means for your organization.
  • Most formal project management methodologies are too comprehensive and rigorous for most IT projects.
  • Make the most of your project manager’s time, and be judicious about the standard that is set.

What you should do (and can with our BluePrint!)

Start with the project management foundation and grow from there!

  • Formalize what you are doing.
  • Get specific about requirements.
  • Keep stakeholders up to date.
  • Tightly control changes.
  • Learn from your mistakes.
  • Define when the project is done.

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Read our concise Executive Brief and utilize the Storyboard to find out why you should develop a light-weight project management process, review the MP4PM approach, and understand how to leverage our toolkit.

Here is an Overview of the included Tools&Templates:

And here is the complete List of all Deliverables coming with the BluePrint:

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Ad hoc processes are painfully inconsistent and ineffective, and they quickly lead to substantial resource waste.

Through the guidance of this MP4PM blueprint, you were able to get started by adopting a light-weight and foundational toolset to assist staff who are tasked with managing projects in addition to their day job.

Equipped with the templates in this blueprint, your team is ready to cover the main process areas of project management:

• Initiation

• Planning

• Execution

• Monitoring and Controlling

• Closure

All along the way, your team will be looking out for common mistakes and ensuring they avoid them.

Now its up to you! Go and get your "Project Management Excellence - Starter Kit", review and apply it and please let us know what you think. Write us your experience with our Blueprint here in the comments, in the community area or per Email. Based on your feedback we will improve the Starter Kit and develop it further. 

And please let us know if you are missing something or looking for something different. We can deliver almost everything (related to Project Management and IT Processes). 

Have fun!

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